Home from holiday

I’ve always loved going on holidays, the excitement of going somewhere hot, the possibility of swimming in the sea for more than thirty seconds, being able to wear my birkenstocks every day and not having to plan what I’ll cook for tea each morning……but…….I’ve always equally loved arriving home. I love that excitement of turning the key in the door and seeing all my lovely stuff just as I left it, putting on the kettle and going from room to room, just reminding myself of what’s there. It was especially lovely to arrive home after our holiday this time, as we had been away for three weeks – the very longest holiday I’ve ever had! I’m such a homebody that I’ve never been away for more than a week but as we were travelling so far this time, it warranted a longer stay! We had the most fantastic time in New Zealand and enjoyed day upon day of blazing hot sun, went to some lovely beaches and spent time with friends and family. It was amazing. I loved every bit. After the hot sun and the bottles of factor fifty suncream I’m now re-adjusting to the crisp cold weather and familiar layers of wool I’m now wearing. There’s nothing like a crackling fire and bit of light snow outside to make you feel at home!


I wrapped up this morning in my feather duvet coat and took the dog for a walk around the farm, thankful for a bit of winter sun to brighten up our arrival home. Just the ticket. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than a nice hot cuppa and a bit of crochet?

Here’s the start my latest new project…..


In New Zealand I came accross the most lovely blanket for sale in a craft gallery but it was too large to fit in my suit case so I took a mental picture and decided to use it as inspiration instead. It was made of just four large granny squares, each a different colour, warm and bright, they were joined and edged in cream with a lovely lace border. I thought of my basket at home, full of chunky colourful Osprey yarn by Quince & Co ……..

Quince & co Osprey

Quince & co Osprey

…….and instantly new what to do with it!

I had intended to make a tapestry crochet blanket with this stash, but can’t resist using it for this project as the colours are just right for the blanket I want to make. My plan is to crochet a granny square with each colour and then surround it with either warm cream or pale grey, with a thick border of the same colour. Hopefully it will be big enough for our bed and will keep us extra cosy till spring arrives!

Talking of blankets with brights colours……remember this….

Harlequin blanket for a new baby

Harlequin blanket for a new baby

….Well, it turned into this…..


I’m afraid I abandoned the harlequin tapestry project and just went for simple rows of treble crochet with cream in between. I was really struggling to get the colours right in the first project and eventually realised after lots of trials and looking on pinterest that I needed to put something in between the colours to let them shine. I think it has really worked well, I’m really pleased with the outcome and it has taught me a bit about choosing colours! I think I love bright colours as long as they are separated by one other, neutral colour.

Here’s a couple more pics of the blanket, in it’s new home in New Zealand, eagerly awaiting the arrival of it’s owner! Only a few days to go:)



And look what else I came across in New Zealand…… my first encounter of yarn bombing! It was brilliant! Unfortunatly, I didn’t realise that my camera lense had a bit of suncream smeared on it! So the pics are a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea! Hmm….wonder if my local village could be brightened up by a biy of wooly goodness?!




It was a delight to find this on the other side of the world, and it did make me chuckle, to think of the crafty yarnbomber sneaking out in the night to measure these posts before knitting and crocheting these brilliant disguises for them! Could be another item appearing on my to do list in the not-too-distant future! Anyone else out there had a go at a bit of yarnbombing? I’m seriously considering it:)