Drops cotton dishcloth


It was time to make a new dishcloth. Time overdue, in fact. I can’t even show you a picture of the old one – it’s too shameful (it’s sitting in bleach and ready to be washed and relegated to the cleaning rags basket under the sink!).

I don’t know why, but I only seem to own one handmade dishcloth when, what I actually need is about five of them! Enduring as they are (a handmade dishcloth is indeed a very robust thing), mine tend to become rags very quickly as there is usually only one in service at a time, going through a relentless cycle of use, an overnight soak in bleach, the occasional go through the washing machine, then eventually collapse. I feel bad about this. I decided I needed a small batallion of these little wonders to grace my kitchen and hold up the ranks. While one is in the wash, another can step into the fold.

I do realise that anyone reading this very likely owns more than one dishcloth and may be looking on me with scorn for having (up to now) only one. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a sponge, a pan scrub and a brillo pad, but nothing beats a good chunky dishcloth for a good thorough wipe down! And all the better if they look as pretty as this……..


I’m not entirely sure if everyone out there will appreciate the exercise of making a dishcloth look pretty! It’s not an easy task when you don’t own a Belfast sink and lovely taps to drape it off, but a small pot of flowers and my chopping board have hopefully done the trick! Good old props!


As you can see (below) I’ve used Drops Love You 5 cotton yarn and Drops Bomull-Lin which is a cotton/linen mix. The colours are mint and off-white (in the cotton) and light grey (in the linen mix) and I’m pleased as punch with it! I think the colours are lovely – it’s the first time I’ve used these yarns and I’m planning to order some more colours to make more cloths. I’ve gone back to my beloved muted palette for this project, I’ve been missing the pastels and pales a little, ever since discovering the brighter, bolder colours in my last few projects and have had a hankering to get back to some soft colours for a little while, just to keep them in the running!
Here’s the yarn……


….and some final dishcloth shots……..




……off to start my second one now……….

Loop and bar

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