1. So much lovely Blanket Love going on here – I feel quite bereft at the moment because I don’t have a blanket on the go, I think your post has given me the nudge I need to start a new one.
    Kate xx

    • Kate

      Ooo thanks Kate, I’ll look forward to seeing your next blanket get started! It makes me smile to think I’ve given someone a nudge in the blanket direction! I’m a bit blanket crazy at the moment! There are so many lovely yarns and colours and granny squares out there! I need to finish the sunshine one really – got some more yarn for it today so I can start joining:) Have to admit to getting distracted the last couple of days by creating a new afgan square:) First time I’ve made up my own so I now have to work out how to write it down! I’ll probably find it ten times over on pinterest now!
      Kate xx

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