An introduction to my knitting baskets

Hello and welcome to Loop and bar, and to my first post on this blog! My love for crochet, knitting and everything to do with yarn makes it necessary, every so often, to aquire some form of new holder to put it all in! So I thought I’d start by introducing you to my needles, hooks and yarns and the ever growing collection of baskets I keep it all in. They tend to be scattered around the house but I’ve collected them up for a quick ‘photo shoot’ to show them off!

It started with a knitting bag, a beautiful leaving gift from friends a few years ago which I promptly stuffed full with needles, patterns and several skeins of Ethical Twist which are still actually in there! It’s by Cath Kidston and it’s sitting on top of a lovely antique picnic basket that I bought from a shop in Devon a year later. It is of course holding yarn, not sandwiches!
basket 2

Then came this lovely birthday gift from my best friend…..It was made by a craftswoman in Lincolnshire, she stitches lengths of hemp together to form these colourful baskets. It’s the perfect basket for holding an ongoing project, and serves as an excellent yarn holder while knitting or crocheting.


But when it was full, I needed another…….
This I bought from a local antiques stall in Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia. I actually bought it for bringing in veg from my garden, but the yarn got there first and has taken up residence! So I’m still scattering potatoes and beetroots and leaving a trail of french beans behind me whenever I go out to the veg patch to pick!

antique basket

antique basket

….and my most recent addition is this…..
I love the band of blue and the chunky plaits of hemp that make up this wide round basket, and my skeins of Quince & Co yarn, piled high, look so inviting sitting in it!


…and finally…..
a quick look at my rosewood cable needles. I love wooden knitting needles, especially ones with nice pointy ends. These have such a lovely tactile quality and there is a deep and curious earthy smell to them. I used the fattest one when knitting a cable hat for a friend am looking forward to using these again in another cable knit project.


….and a glimpse at a project in progress…..
It’s the Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond. The yarn I’m using is Puffin by Qunice & Co – it’s very soft and very warm and I’m going to be very snug in this jumper!


These are cubics by Knit Pro. I love to knit with these – I’m not, on the whole, a very neat knitter but these needles seem to make my stitches a little more tidy and are very comfortable to work with. Plus, the lovely pointy ends just slip through the stitches making the whole project go a little bit quicker.


And here’s where it all sits when not scattered around the house! This is the best chair for knitting and crocheting as it has no arms (to catch your needles on) and it is small and light so I can take it in the garden with one of my baskets and crochet or knit in the sun! Perfect.


Did you notice this colourful little bird popping up in the pictures? It’s the Bower Bird from Attic 24, one of my favourite blogs. I intend to make the Birdie Decoration very soon, to keep her company.


On an ending note, I might as well confess now…..I’m what you might call a fickle knitter, starting many projects and finishing few. I’m hoping to remedy this from here on in. Don’t get me wrong – I suspect I will always have more than one project on the go, after all, different projects suit different places and I take my needles and hooks everywhere I go! However, I’m hoping that through this blog I may become a little more disciplined and learn to focus on one (or two!) projects at a time and in doing so, fill my house with blankets, jumpers and other finished knitted lovlies. I do suspect though that even if I achieve this, the baskets will never be empty!
Kate x

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  1. Babs

    Very professional Kate. The pictures are clear and vivid. I love the use you have made of all your baskets. I will look for one for your collection. Keep up the good work you have produced a very good knitting basket blogg.

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