A re-make project, some sewing and another podcast!

I have been unravelling………


….I’m re-making my rug. It requires quite a bit of pulling, sorting and ironing before I can get the crochet hook back out!


….the circle wasn’t working for me and neither were the stripes. I’m going for a rectangular shape and blocks of colour and I can’t wait to reinvent this lovely rug into something lovelier! If you want to see the rug in it’s original finished form, you can take a look here (scroll down quite a bit)…..the post I’ve linked to is actually (coincidentally) very appropriate to this particular project, as it reminds me of how indecisive I can be when it comes to choosing colour arrangements!

anyway…….I just need to make this into something that fits into my house better! I found that I have moved this circular rug from one room to another, trying to find it’s place, before realising that it’s the wrong shape and the colour arrangement is a little too busy for my liking after all.


It’s fun to work with this big wool again. I am steam ironing it and re-winding into large balls before I re-work it. I’m so looking forward to the crochet part! And Charlie is looking forward to being able to sleep on it again! Watch this space…….

…..in the meantime, she has been test-snuggling my cosy memories blanket! Thanks Charlie, I think it gets the seal of approval!


I love working on this, it’s perfect ‘telly knitting’ – no need to concentrate too hard on the stitches and no pattern to have to keep track of. I am having to restrain myself from buying lots and lots of lovely Unicorn Tails to put in this blanket – I adore them so much! I am trying to stick to the ethos of the project, which (I believe) is to use up scrap yarn…..which I have done, to a certain extent….but I have allowed myself a clause – that being, for every scrap yarn (or stash yarn) I use in the blanket, I am allowed to buy a new yarn for it! Ha! Perhaps it is time for me to join a yarn swap!

On a very exciting note, a new little person is about to join the family, making me an aunty again! Hip hip hurray! So, naturally, Aunty Kate has been knitting…….


I chose yarn that my sister can chuck in the washing machine….I’m sure she will appreciate that with a new born and a four old! It’s also guaranteed to be soft against baby’s skin, which is essential. It was so quick to knit, with it being so tiny! Will it really fit an actual (albeit tiny) person? It’s so small!


All I need to do is sew on the buttons……can you guess, boy or girl?

And baby’s big sister is getting a new dress……


Here’s a little sneak preview – I’ve been sewing this all week, it’s the Pumpkin Spice dress from Heidi & Finn. I have made it a couple of sizes larger than the pattern recommends for Evie’s measurements, as the size they recommend would have been way too small. So it’s the size 5 year old (she’s nearly four). I will put ties on the sides so she can tie it at the back if it’s a little roomy.

I didn’t dare attempt to machine sew the binding onto the little armholes! I’d come too far to mess it up! So I indulged in a few hand stitches…….


..and oh, how I love them! I made the sleeves slightly puffed, so they look even cuter and give a little more room…..


I so hope it fits her! Just need to hem it, do the buttons and ties and knit her a cardi to go with it! Hope she likes it!

That’s not the only sewing I’ve been doing…….I made my first ever knitting project bags! I chose to make them with drawstring closing because I didn’t want my yarn to get caught in any zips! Also, it reminds me of the P.E. bag that my Gran made for me when I was in primary school – it was a red and white gingham drawstring bag, just the same shape but bigger and had my initials stitched in navy blue! I may put my initials on these!
I love having these! I’m so motivated to work on the projects in them! They hang on hooks in my sewing room (just like my P.E. bag used to hang on my peg at school! – lovely memories!) And I got to use some of my favourite stash fabric, including one my sister printed….(it’s the beautiful pale green fabric on the left)

project bag



…..and what’s in them? Well, this is one of the projects I’m working on……


…It’s the Woodland Tales Mittens by Mandarines

I’m joining in with the Pom Pom mag spring KAL on Ravelry with these mittens, which I’m enjoying being part of – it’s a great way to make a few more connections with other knitters, you get to know a few people on Ravelry who are into the same kinds of things, so it’s great! I’m making two pairs, one in this lovely pale yellow and the other in an earthy purple….and what’s in the other bag? I’ll share that in the next post!

Aside from all the knitting and sewing, we’ve been glorying in the spring sunshine at last! And so has the garden…..


I am so please with this planter I found in the woods by my house…….I don’t know what it was originally, but it makes a beautiful flower bed in my garden!….


….and the hellebores are still in full bloom, I love them so much because they have flowered all through the winter and can now enjoy this lovely spring sunshine……


…..and as well as all the knitting, sewing, gardening (or more precisely, hacking up clods of grass from the veg patch with a giant pickaxe!)….I have recorded another podcast, episode two! It’s actually been on You Tube for about a week now, but I’ve only just had the chance to do this blog post and include the podcast notes in it! So if anyone is interested and hasn’t already had a look, just scroll down for episode two and the notes will be below it :)

Loop and bar podcast episode two……

YouTube Preview Image

Notes: links to websites/patterns/yarn mentioned…..

Fabric mentioned in project bag : Cloth & Clover (oh, how I love this company!) and Tilda fabric
Wren and Ivy – my friend’s lovely (online) shop for beautiful customised homewares and (I think) fabric
Laxtons – they sell undyed yarn for hand dyeing (UK Based)
Mandarine’s – a wonderful knitting blog and podcast
Pom Pom Spring KAL on Ravelry
Hat WIP – Fidra by Gudrun Johnston
Cosy Memories blanket (or the version I have used) – here

Knitting podcasts mentioned:

A Wee Bit Knitty
Inside Number 23
Charlotte & Gus

Big wool in re-make rug project from Ingrid Wagner
Evie’s dress: Pumpkin Spice Dress


  1. Enjoyed your blog post, Kate! Looking forward to going backwards and catching up, and to podcast episode #3! The crocheted rug is so interesting. Is it all wool selvedges?
    And your project bags, too! Aren’t they just so satisfying? :)

    • Kate

      Hi Laurie! Nice to see you over on the blog! Thanks for paying it a visit! I believe the Big Wool is made from selvedges of woven woollen cloth sourced from mills in Italy, UK and France, although I just went to the website to double check and I can’t find that info on there now! I definately read it at some point tho! I’ll take a few close up pics of the ‘yarn’ if I remember, when I post the final finished thing :) And yes, the project bags are very satisfying – you just grab whichever project you feel like taking with you that day and you know everything you need is in there!
      Kate x

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