Finished Canopy, fairy wings and belated show notes!

I finished my Canopy shawl! Yes!


Here it is at last! My beautiful Canopy shawl, finished and off the needles! My first ever shawl :)


I’m in love with it!


I love this cute applied border and really enjoyed knitting this so much! First shawl, first applied border, lots of new skills acquired!


Details for this shawl are on my Ravelry page here, or you can take a look through my last two posts and see the shawl’s progress and the yarn/pattern details :)

It was a joy to knit and so much fun being in the KAL! I can’t wait to receive my prize yarn! (I won it in the knit-along on Ravelry!) I’ll show you when it arrives…..

….and onto other things knitty…..

……the mystery WIP is now complete, and I will be showing it on the next episode of the podcast (that will be episode 7). You can see the second stage of this project in episode 6 of the podcast, which can be found at the bottom of this post. I did take pictures, but I seem to have deleted them from my phone before putting them here on the blog! Oh dear! We’ve had a lot going on these last few weeks, so it’s all got a bit muddled, I’m afraid! I will show the finished project on here in the next post, which will be very soon! I’m very excited to share it, it is so very cute and I love it to bits! So watch this space (or the podcast!!)

I also started a new jumper….

Here’s a glimpse at the start of it…..

…..and here’s the yarn….


It’s the Carpino sweater by Carol Feller. The lace pattern is so beautiful and simple, when I saw my friend Emily knitting this pattern, I just had to buy the pattern and cast it on!

The colour of the yarn is ‘Petrol Mix’ and I love it! The yarn is so soft and enjoyable to knit with. I will be making the sleeves full length, rather than three quarter length, as shown in the pattern, so I purchased extra yarn for this. Hope I got enough!

I’ve been sewing too…….with some very delicious and beautiful haberdashery……



This lovely selection of ribbons and beads was just what I was looking for to adorn a pair of fairy wings for our niece’s fifth birthday. I got all of these beautiful trimmings in my local yarn shop in the nearby town of Llanrwst.

Here are the wings in the making…..


I made the pattern myself, based on some inspiration from Pinterest. The wings have elastic loops for the shoulders and wrists, so they are easy for the child to put on and take off.


I’ve used a very drapey tulle, which I bought from Truro Fabrics in Cornwall, several years ago. It’s perfect as it is so soft and light and drapes so beautifully, not like the stiff netting you might usually find in some fabric shops. I’m now making a second pair of these for our other niece, who is turning four! I’ll show some finished pictures in the next post, hopefully! In the meantime, I shall try to resist making a pair of these for myself! It could happen!

We went up a mountain too…….

…..on a beautiful sunny, hazy day a few weeks ago, we packed a lunch and headed off into Snowdonia for a mountain walk…..

We chose to go up Elidir Fawr, starting in the village of Nant Peris. It was a beautiful walk but very hot and a really long way! Eifion wanted go up a mountain that was over 3000ft and I wanted to go up a mountain on which I wouldn’t cry and say things like “they’ll have to get the helicopter” (flashbacks to Helvelin, Lake district, three years ago, and no, the helicopter was thankfully not needed in the end, I just needed to stop crying and get walking!!)

Here’s what the walk looked like…..

This doesn’t actually look like a mountain, and I’m not sure which bit was the top, but this was taken on the way up! I suspect the summit was one of those pointy bits way off in the distant background, because it took hours to get there!

Oh, how I wanted to get in this stream! It was so hot and muggy!

….and even on his day off, a farmer is never off duty, especially when it’s silage making time! I suspect this was one of the many operational silage-cutting/tedding/bailing conversations that take place constantly over the weeks of late spring and summer!


A beautiful view from about half way up, down to the valley below.

….and last but not least, and very belated, here is episode 6 of the loop and bar podcast (it has been live on You tube for a few weeks, I just haven’t had time to put it here yet!

YouTube Preview Image

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to put the show notes together for this one (we’ve had a tough few weeks here in our village, other things took over for a little while), but I have included info in the podcast itself, as pop up titles, so hopefully that will be enough. If you have any questions, just message me in the comments in you tube and I will reply that way :)

Happy knitting/stitching and see you in the next post :)