Finished at last!

I finished it a few weeks ago actually, so what I should really be saying is ‘Posting at Last’! I’ve been a bit lazy on the blog front! I have been rather productive elsewhere though, so I think that’s alright! But more about that in a later post……….here are some pictures of the latest finished blanket……

………Squares piling up
For the first time, I blocked each square and I can’t believe what a difference it makes! It’s much easier to see how your finished blanket will look when you block your squares! I’m converted.
Somewhere along the line I decided to border each square with the dark grey. I really love the result, and it meant that the sewn seams would be invisible, which is a bonus to me :)
This was the last bit of sewing up the seams, snatching a bit of evening sun into the bargain!
Last shot before being driven across the country (well, into another one actually!) to it’s new owner……
……….I think she likes it :)

Happy birthday Babs xxxx

p.s. I made the cake too :) Told you I’d been busy!