A quick glimpse…….

……….some more yarn for a special birthday project……


….Drops and Blue Sky Alpaca. I’ve been moving them around and trying to picture how the colours will work together with the design I have in mind……It’s going to be a blanket, but not for me this time! A gift for someone special for her sixtieth birthday. I think it calls for sixty squares, maybe?

Here are the first squares….



….I have actually blocked them! This is a first for me and I’m converted! You can actually see much more clearly how the squares will look once they are joined! It’s like a little magic trick with pins and steam :) I was going to use the darker colour to border each square but I’ve now decided to use it as a main square colour and not have a border around each one, just join them like this with a sewn or crocheted seam. I like how crisp this kind of joining makes each square.


I have a beautiful cushion by Tipsy Tessie to thank for the inspiration for the squares and how to arrange the colours – something I always struggle with. I found the most lovely image of this cushion on pinterest and immediatley realised that using a little of the same colour in the centre of each square links the whole colour scheme together. I think this effect is also enhanced by the fact that the cluster pattern radiates out from each corner and joins to it’s neighbours seamlessly. It creates an uniterupted flow across the whole pattern. Here’s a link to Tipsy Tessie’s blog and her beautiful cushion. See what I mean?


I think I’ll add a couple more colours into the scheme, now I have an idea of how it’s going to look. I’m thinking pale lemon, pale grey/green and a rich cream. I’m a bit envious that this blanket is not going to be mine so I may have to make two! I think it would look so lovely in my bedroom and you can’t have too many blankets, can you? This one is for my step mum but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind us having twin blankets! Either that or she need never know!